Best Online Casinos of 2021

Best Online Casinos of 2021

Online casinos have quickly become very popular. These are sites that offer the same services if not more compared to land-based casinos. In terms of games of chance, you will be served, but that’s not all as there are several bonuses and other promotions that will be offered to you as well!

Online casinos, also called virtual casinos, also have the particularity of allowing players to go about their business without having to travel. They can therefore bet, play, and enjoy a close to real experience from the comfort of their home. This only requires a simple internet connection and a device such as a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone, and voila.

However, you should know that online casinos are very numerous these days. There are indeed so many of them on the Web landscape that we don’t even know where to turn. 

Most of the time, users find themselves completely helpless and sometimes end up opting for a fraudulent or blacklisted casino. We are here to help you overcome this problem, and therefore present to you following this article a complete and detailed comparison of the best casinos. 

Before that, however, we will, of course, develop the various points taken into consideration in making our choice! Good reading.

Best Online Casinos of 2021

machance casino avis

What a casino must absolutely have to be serious

Before we get down to business, let’s talk briefly about casinos. These can be both terrestrial (therefore classic) and virtual (therefore online). People go there mainly to play games of chance which are numerous and diverse. Among the most popular games of chance, there are of course card games such as blackjack or poker, the latter being played with a set of fifty-two cards and tokens symbolizing the stakes, roulette with its different variants. , bingo, scratch games and of course slot machines which are also called “slot machines” and which can be found in almost all online casinos.

Be careful not to fall into the vice, however, casinos can be dangerous and cause dependence that can ruin you in the long term. Know for example that if classic casinos do not have clocks hanging on the wall, it is for a specific purpose, which is to make you forget the notion of time.

However, we cannot deny the fact that casinos have enabled the development of mathematics through games of chance. These are, for example, certain disciplines such as probability or game theory which are very widely used in several fields, in particular engineering, computer science, operations research, etc., for statistical purposes. and decision support.

Of course, it is necessary to combine certain factors to increase your chances of success, including the following:

  • Having some notions in probability is a significant plus.
  • Learn certain techniques and other shortcuts that allow you to legally cheat while playing.
  • You need to have a strong psychology when playing games of chance in order to avoid being destabilized by your opponents and to know how to defeat them at their own game.
  • The goal of games of chance is to bet a certain amount of money and win those of other players to hope for victory.
  • Remember that luck has a lot to do with it and that you are never 100% in control of your destiny.
  • Finally, we remind you once again that you have to play in moderation.

Now that we have taken a look at games of chance and what they are all about, we will move on to the criteria to consider when choosing the ideal game of chance. As you know, you should not opt ​​for just any casino, certainly not because it is the closest to your home if ever it is a land-based casino (or else it is a point to take really at the very end), or because this is the first result to appear after a search on your web browser!

We will tell you more about the criteria to consider in what follows.

Games of chance

Let´s start with the first criterion which concerns the diversity of the games that are offered. Indeed, a user who connects to an online casino expects to discover a multitude of games to be able to occupy his time and distribute the stakes he intends to play. Even if a user is unlikely to touch all the games, it is best to give them as many options as possible so that they do not leave them hungry. Among the most popular games that we want to find again, there is the following.

  • The blackjack.
  • Poker (the latter two are card games). In fact, poker is very popular and is undeniably one of the oldest games of chance and the most loved by players.
  • Roulette with its different variants.
  • Bingo, a classic.
  • Simple and easy games like dice games, scratch games (simple and cool!)
  • And of course, the slot machines that we call in English  “slot machines”. They generally do not require a strategy per se and are therefore very trivial. There are no less than a hundred on average at each online casino and come in several versions, several themes, several graphics and sound effects, etc.
machance casino avis

Bonuses and other promotions

What makes the charm of online casinos is that its team regularly offers bonuses that allow them to pick up bigger winnings and therefore allow customers to come out with more money. These can be progressive jackpots, for example, but also free spins to allow you to double your chances of scratching some extra money. Some bonuses can take place during very specific periods such as certain holidays or certain days of the week. 

Of course, these bonuses are not the same and vary depending on the casino. If some people give themselves body and soul to offer something that is really interesting and innovative, others only offer bland and not necessarily very interesting bonuses.

Customer service

By “customer service” we mean the people who are there to answer your questions or help you if you have any issues. This has to be topnotch and all brands listed on our site have good and professional support staff. You may be a need for help, guidance, a problem in using a particular service, etc. This is where they come into the picture and if they do not know what they are doing, then it can be frustrating. This is the reason why we have made sure that all our Casinos have the best support on the market.

You can also refer to customer service in the event of a bug report or a suggestion to improve the interface. Staff must be available via chat, email, etc., and must answer questions quickly!

Ideally, it would be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Then the Payment methods

Of course, who says casino says bets that can reach peaks, do not be fooled!

The ideal would be to offer a maximum of payment methods that can facilitate the task for users. They use several, including bank payments, Visa Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, MasterCard , etc.

The ideal would therefore be to offer the most basic ones first, then follow up by offering less common and more orthodox methods such as, for example, payments with crypto-currencies, in particular bitcoin.

For people who don’t know what  cryptocurrencies are , these are virtual currencies that have emerged fairly recently. They are transmitted through a computer network called a peer to peer network but do not have a legal definition strictly speaking. These currencies have several advantages, the most notable of which are:

  • The sender and the recipient are known by their respective IP addresses on the internet.
  • Speaking of the internet, these currencies have been specially designed to be used on it, which greatly encourages e-commerce.
  • They do not have a cap per se.
  • Exchanges are more secure provided the necessary policies are drawn up.

Unfortunately, these advantages do not come alone as we unfortunately identify some disadvantages.

  • You should know that there are many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethern, Nano, and many more. The concern being that there is no equivalence between all these assets.
  • Likewise, their courses are all very changeable. You are therefore never immune to hyperinflation, or even the opposite.
  • Cryptocurrencies are strongly frowned upon by the banking lobby who wants to see mainstream currencies continue to thrive. By conventional currencies we mean the dollar, the euro, etc.
  • The crypto-currencies  also have a bad reputation as they were originally used when they appear for improper purposes such as trafficking in weapons and drugs.
  • The  peer-to-peer network is not very elaborate, and if the adequate security methods are not good, the risk of hacking and then theft of currencies is very high.
machance casino avis

Security on Online Casinos

The security of online information is another fundamental point that must be respected. Indeed, it intervenes wherever we use methodologies and information and communication technologies to protect our data which may circulate on the internet or on any multimedia medium. In the case of online casinos, there are the data of players and of course the money that flows to paris and others.

Of course, it is a vast and rich field which includes several branches, in particular the security of networks and wireless networks, the security of operating systems, the security of databases, but also operational safety and security. software reliability, IT audits, intrusion detection, and many more. We will also cite cryptography which is based on mathematics and which makes it possible to encrypt and encode data or transactions. Thus, a monetary transaction between a person A and another person B could not be understood by any person C coming to intercept it, it could not understand anything because it does not have the decryption key.

In addition, IT security must respect three major and fundamental criteria, namely those mentioned in the bulleted list below:

  • We start with the criterion of confidentiality. Indeed, the data must remain secret and concern only the person in question. They should therefore not be disclosed or be accessible to other users of the casino, for example.
  • We continue with the criterion of integrity. Just as data must remain confidential, it must also remain unchanged.
  • Finally, we end with the availability criterion which stipulates that the casino site must remain accessible whatever the state of the system, but also whatever the geographical location of the user.

Some also add the criterion of non-repudiation, that is to say that no user can deny having committed such or such action using his account on the site, as evidenced by the logs.

The Mobile apps for downloadable casinos and non downloadable casinos

Many players tend to travel a lot or travel a lot. However, this should not prevent them from being able to play, make bets, etc. Fortunately, some casinos offer mobile versions that run on the most popular operating systems, namely Android and iOS. A good mobile application should be bug-free and should run without crashing. Indeed, errors can cause irreversible damage, even a loss of money, that is why it is necessary to think of developing a version which is effective!

Customer reviews

Of course, customer feedback is also essential to us. Indeed, you should know that users generally do not hesitate to leave their comments and opinions on any product that they have previously tested. It will therefore not be difficult for you to get an idea of ​​a casino’s reputation by consulting social networks and certain other platforms such as forums, etc. If you happen to have an issue with a caisno you have registed on from our site, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Online casinos that have all these qualities

After having told you in detail about the different factors that must be taken into account when choosing, we are now going to tell you about the casinos that meet all these conditions and that you should therefore choose! Indeed, many have decided to abandon land-based casinos altogether and have found refuge in  online casinos  which allow them to enjoy an unparalleled immersion. We help them find casinos that can meet their expectations and hope to spare them the choice of performing a benchmarking study on their own.

Without further ado, here is the long-awaited list.

MaChance Casino

We continue with the MaChance casino which is highly acclaimed by critics with no less than five stars out of five if we are to believe the various opinions of users. And for good reason, this one offers you 300 euros of bonus on your first deposit with 100% guaranteed bonus on a total bonus of 300 euros still. On top of that you get 20 Free Spins

  • A welcome bonus is also distributed. He is very generous and will definitely make you want to come back.
  • No worries about the range of games which is also very diverse.
  • You will notice that the application runs smoothly with good reliability, without bugs or the like.
  • Bonuses are applicable on all your deposits without exception.
  • The platform is very well secured. The engineering team adopts robust and highly reliable protocols that ensure your money and data are protected.
  • Several payment solutions  and methods are offered.

Cresus Casino

We go to Cresus Casino which can also claim a place in the middle of these very interesting casinos. This offers you no less than 500 euros in bonuses, which is a record compared to the previous ones.

  • There is no denying it , Cresus  is one of the best casinos in France and has a lot of very loyal customers.
  • It is also one of the few to offer new features in terms of games on a weekly basis!
  • Payments are very fast and you have several options including Visa, Mastercard, wire transfer, and many more with a withdrawal time that lasts between two and four days.
  • Regarding customer service, it is available both online via chat , by email, or by phone.

Watch out for scams

As we told you a little above, all is not all rosy and certain casinos are moreover downright fraudulent. It is not uncommon to come across cases that will rip you off and steal your money . Fortunately, the writing gives you some tips that will allow you to target the scam attempts and the signs that do not deceive and that you will discover as a result of this passage.

The reprieve of the duets

It is possible to deal with addicted players who meet at a gaming table and who can therefore exploit certain loopholes to try to collect more money. If it works, it’s a safe bet that this casino is not necessarily reliable. For example, the indebted croupier can take a card or not and rip off less than  1000 euros from other players through a few schemes. 

Bank details theft

Theft of bank details is also frequent. Some casinos take those of their customers and use them for dishonest purposes. You can also, if you are registered in a fraudulent casino, have your details stolen by malicious individuals (hackers) who would have entered the system.

Questions and answers about this casino

Is it safe to play at this casino?

A bad experience at a casino! Can ruin your experience and get you extremely disappointed. If they will change their wagering conditions without notice, from one day to the next, making it impossible for you to make money. Avoid at all costs! Go for one of the best casinos instead!

What is the probability of winning on slots at home?

It was after losing almost all of our initial bet that we realized that it was impossible to make real gains at on some casinos which will do everything to prevent you from winning. On the other hand, this is always about luck, if you want to optimize your luck, we will suggest that you try it on Banzai Slots, as they do not have any wagering requirements on their bonuses of Free spins!

What payment methods should I use?

This is totally up to you, as Online Casino offer several different methods of depositing and making a withdrawal. The most common methods to deposit are Bank transfer, Visa, Master Card. That are directly connected to your bank account. But there are several other methods, as “e-wallets” and there are vouchers that you can by and use them to make your deposit.

The most common e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz and Zimpler.

Then there are the vouchers, that you can buy from your local store, like PaysafeCard and NeoSurf.

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